Feb 19, 2018


by Vince Vigneri

During International Networking Week, we celebrated our Core Value of Recognition by holding our Annual BNI Heartland Recognition Events in Lincoln and Omaha, NE, Casper and Gillette, WY, and Rapid City and Sioux Falls, SD - AND over 30% of our members attended! Thank you to all of those in attendance!!!

We recognized many individuals, as well as the chapters in our area for their accomplishments during 2017. Each event began with Cross-Chapter Open Networking, followed by a brief statement about our regions' accomplishments, a video showing The History of BNI, and our Strategic Plan:

  • Our Idea that business can be about something much bigger than ourselves. 
  • Our Purpose is to transform the live of BNI members, and their communities.
  • Our Vision - Changing the Way the World Does Business
  • Our Approach by exemplifying the BNI Core Values every day!
  • Our Promise is to provide members with the systems and community to be successful!
    • To have REALLY happy members... AND a lot of them!!!
Next, we celebrated our New Chapters Launched in 2017...
  • Red Hot Referrals
  • Leader$ of Integrity
  • Northern Hills Connect
  • Business Leaders Advantage
  • Elite Capital Gainers
AND our planned areas for 2018 which included our January launch of our High Plains Chapter!

We then moved into Chapter Recognition, by area, where we recognized the chapters with the:
  • Most Referrals per Member
  • Most One-to-Ones per Member 
  • Most Visitors per Member
  • Most Chapter Education Units per Member
  • Most Thank You For Closed Business per Member
Then on to our first individual member recognition area, longevity, where we recognized our first member with over 20 years in BNI Heartland, 3 additional members for over 15 years, another 13 members with over 10 years, and an finally 71 members with over 5 years!!! Congratulations, and THANK YOU, to all 103 members on your time in BNI!!!

Next, we turned our attention to our Chapter Member of the Year category, where a member from each chapter was recognized for their annual participation in their chapter using the Power of One report for the entire year! Congratulations to each of the members for their "BiNnI" Award! Each Chapter Member of the Year then became a Finalist for the Regional Member of the Year! But before we moved to those awards we recognized the members who were our Regional Leaders in the following 6 Categories:
  • Most One-to-Ones
  • Most Visitors
  • Most Chapter Education Units
  • Most Referrals Given
  • Most Thank You For Closed Business
  • Highest Referral Value - Thank You For Closed Business divided by Referrals Given
Before we unveiled our Regional Chapter Member of the Year, also by area, we made sure to recognize, and thank, our 34 current Gold Club Members, who sponsored at least 6 new members, including 3 that sponsored at least 12, and 1 with more than 18! Then we recognized a new class of Gold Club Members... 19 new additions for sponsoring at least 6 new members, 5 additional achieved recognition for 12 or more, and finally 2 sponsored more than 18 new members and received recognition for the 3rd time. We also announced some new exclusive opportunities for our Gold Club Members to thank them for their commitment to their chapter, and ultimately their business!

Finally we closed the Recognition Events with our Regional Members of the Year in Lincoln, NE, Wyoming, Western South Dakota, Eastern South Dakota and Northwest Iowa, and Omaha, NE.

Again, congratulations to all, and thank you for your commitment to excellence! We look forward to hosting these events again in 2019!