Feb 13, 2018


Where are you on this? I thought this was a great reminder of so many things we can do, as individual business leaders, but also BNI members... Our challenge, as a region, to you, is to see how many of these items you can check off weekly. Will you accept the challenge?

  1. Speak to a non-BNI person about BNI. (Proactive)
    • Invite them using the BNI Connect Mobile App...or...
    • Register them to visit your meeting next week.
  2. Prepare and Plan your BNI Business strategy. (Begin with the end in mind)
    • Accountability 
      • Weekly Presentations
      • Feature Presentation
  3. Focus on a Chapter Member and bring a good referral. (First things first)
    • Givers Gain
  4. Build Strategic Alliance with Chapter Members. (Win-Win)
    • Building Relationships
  5. Do a One-to-One with chapter members weekly. (Seek to understand, before being understood)
    • Schedule one now
  6. Get involved and build your Power Team. (Synergize)
  7. Go to BNI training, gain education through BNI Heartland and BNI University, and take a leadership position. (Sharpen the saw)
    • Life Long Learning
    • Traditions + Innovation