Mar 21, 2018


by Brandon Souba

There is an Executive Director named Tom Fleming who did a break-out training at conference titled “Earn More to Learn More.” I recently did an education piece on this at a chapter going through the Diamond Growth Program and it got me thinking - when do we stop learning?  Can you answer that? Did you go to college? Did you continue you education path after your first degree? Did you get a GED?

No matter what your answer is to the following questions, one thing is true.  You NEVER stop learning! Now what you choose to learn is up to you, but even if your boss at a job is teaching you how to mop the floors, you are learning. So what are you choosing to learn now?

If you are in BNI you get credit for improving your BNI knowledge.  Of course you want to mark your CEUs for credit, but is it the credit you get or the knowledge you learn that develops into  closed business? For some that keep track of their Power of One score, the credit is important. But for that same member you will see the results in your business growth due to that learning more.

Learn more to earn more.  But where can you find this secret hall of knowledge?  Easy.  Use our core value,  “Traditions plus Innovation.”


  • Dr. Ivan Misner does a weekly podcast for all members.  You can’t get better advice from anyone but the founder of BNI! (
  • In the BNI Heartland Podcast, we do our best to share member’s stories, so you are not always hearing tips and tricks from directors, but from members using their secret to growing their business and their chapters.   (
  • The Power of One podcast, Tim Roberts, who created the Power of One, shares his many years of experience and knowledge. (


Once again Dr. Ivan Misner has endless blogs on BNI and Networking.  We also have a blog for BNI Heartland that goes out monthly.  If you are reading this, you probably don’t need to be told that you have found them - you are reading the Heartland blog! (

BNI University

Here is the big one! Last month BNI University was rolled out to BNI Heartland. This is the future of BNI education. Ask yourself, “when was the last time I went to Member Success Program?”   For most it has been well over a year and I promise there is new content in the training.  With BNI University you can go through the Member Success Program training on your own time.  Commit 30 minutes a week to get started. My guess is that would be 30 minutes more than what you have scheduled right now!  When you learn more you will surely earn more.  So please, if you have not all ready, sign in to BNI University and start the first module for Member Success Program and put in some time to educate yourself. It can only improve your experience in BNI, but more importantly, your referrals and closed business in the chapter.

Go to to sign in for the first time. Your user name is your email you use for BNI and the password is 123456. Once you sign in you will be asked to set your password and you will be set to go. I challenge you to block out that 30 minutes a week to educate yourself to be a better BNI member in your chapter. Once you get the hang of that, grow that 30 minutes to an hour, and keep growing from there!

I leave you with this quote:
“The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it from you” ~ BB King

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