Aug 15, 2018


by Ray Huse

In 2018, I think it’s safe to say that social media is no longer a fad. It isn’t something that’s just for kids. In the last 10 years, it has become an increasingly important and influential tool for communication, and not just small talk between family and friends. We’re turning to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for news, recipes, and product and service recommendations.  A friend of mine found, researched and purchased their house based on information shared on Facebook. If people are making these kinds of life changing purchases based on what they see on social media, it’s clear that how your business appears on social platforms is important.

You need to keep your business visible on social media, which we know can help build your credibility, and can lead to profitability down the line. The content you share on these platforms help shape people’s perception of your business.

There are “Three C’s” I encourage everyone to keep in mind as guidelines in respect to content on social media. (I’ll use Facebook pages as examples here, but the concepts apply across different social platforms.)

Keep your page CURRENT

Few things turn away potential customers more than outdated content.  If the last thing on your page is a holiday party in 2016, people begin to wonder if your business is still around. Find something to post or share at least once a week. Completed projects or customer testimonials are great things to share. If you’re challenged with coming up with your own content, links to videos, blogs, or other articles that are pertinent to your business can be shared.  For example, if you’re a roofer and weather is keeping you from showing off your completed work, you could post information on the superior long life shingles you use by sharing a video from the manufacturer.  Posting weekly is a minimum recommendation. If you’ve got plenty of content, feel free to share more often.

Make your posts COLORFUL

Over the course of time, the increased amount of content and advertising on social platforms means that your message can easily get lost. A simple text statement draws far less attention than one with a photo or video attached.  Take a quick scroll through your Facebook news feed.  If yours is anything like mine, you’ll see a lot of those text only posts are either quick vague statements (“OMG! I can’t believe it!”) or long rambling complaints. Maybe that’s part of the reason why we overlook them. Telling video stories or finding quotes on images are some common ways to add color. Remember, added color to your posts should be relevant. Cute puppy videos might not be a good fit for a payroll service. But if you’re creative, you might be able to tie in those near death accident videos into a pitch for life insurance.  I’ll have more suggestions and resources for adding color in a future blog.

Finally, make sure your content is CLEAR

Write simple, grammatically correct sentences. Avoid rambling and tackling multiple things at once. In Member Success Program, we teach building your weekly presentation around a lowest common denominator makes it more impactful. The same is true with your social media content. Being clear also extends to those colorful items mentioned in the previous point. A rambling video with no point, or a graphic with a million different fonts and sparkles can be worse than not having an added element at all. Be careful when adding tags and hashtags to posts. A little bit can go a long way. If your message isn’t clear, your message is lost.
Keeping these basic “Three C’s” in mind as you post to social media will help you build visibility and create a professional image.  Future blog posts will focus on the best content to share, and tips and resources for finding and creating colorful content.
Now get out there and share something today!

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