Oct 2, 2018


Coming Up with Content to Be Current

by Ray Huse

In my last blog article, I mentioned “Three C’s” to remember for social media content: Keep , Make It COLORFUL, and Be CLEAR. If you haven’t read it, I encourage you to do so first. (https://blog.bniheartland.com/2018/08/three-cs-for-social-media.html)  My next few articles will go be going more in depth on those topics. This time I’d like to focus on how to keep CURRENT by posting new content.

Finding content to share regularly can be challenging. The repetition and rhythm of our daily routine can blind us to what’s going on around us. For example, if you drive the same commute to work every day, you’ll likely have days where you can’t remember making the drive after you arrived. You know you got to work somehow, but you can’t recall any of it. After a while, these routine things only become memorable when something unusual happens. You only remember driving to work when a crazy sports car passes you at a million miles an hour, or some kids at the side of the road are running a lemonade stand.

When it comes to content for social media, it’s easier to see the unusual things and share those. Staying with the example above, we’d share seeing the speeding driver or the lemonade stand. For your business, that unusual thing could be a new product or service offering. Since those aren’t everyday occurrences, sharing them is more natural to us. Trumpet those occasions loudly when they happen! But what do you do on the boring ho-hum days?  What can you post?
My first suggestion to find content is reflection. Think back over your day. Just because something HUGE didn’t happen doesn’t mean nothing happened. You might recall something that got lost. Thinking of that daily commute, there WAS a new “For Sale” sign on that house at the end of the street. And when you picked up your coffee, the clerk reminded you it was Wednesday, not Thursday, which helped get you in order for the rest of the day. Little things happen every day that mean something at the time, but we overlook them as other events take their place. In your business, it might be a problem you solved differently today that was more effective, or a customer who thanked you for saving them time and money. We get used to solving these problems, and being told “Thank You” that they become routine. Those types of moments are excellent content to share. You’ve got an improved process to talk about and a testimonial to share with only a little bit of effort!
Next, pay more attention to details as you go through the day. On that morning commute, you notice the person you regularly see waiting in line at the coffee counter is wearing a work badge for a new employer. Or at your work, you come across a file from a project you completed months ago where you were really proud of the results. That old project – maybe even with a little follow up as to where things are now – could be an excellent story to share!

You can also share things that give you inspiration.  Whether it’s a quote, picture, video, or a goal – sharing what inspires you on a personal level will make you and your business more relatable. Social media was created as an outlet for people to share what makes them unique. While we continue to find more uses for it in business, it’s still a great way to make personal connections. This idea for content comes with a warning: It works best in moderation and on a professional level. While posting an inspirational photo of your family on your business page may be nice, we don’t need every cute picture of everything your child does. Save those posts for your personal page. Also, if you constantly send up sparkly inspirational quotes, it waters down your unique messages. People may stop paying attention to your posts and scroll through them quickly, or worse – stop following you entirely. They’ll miss it when you have something important to say.

My last recommendation is to try to view your day from a different position. A shift in perspective can make a difference. What’s boring to you may be interesting to an outsider. My Dad worked for many years assembling upholstered furniture. When I asked about his job as a kid, he would dismiss it as dull. But I remember when I was finally able to observe his workplace as an adult. Seeing things moving around in pieces as work got done was fascinating. To this day, I love watching those “How Things Are Made” TV shows. For your business, think of how you would explain what you do to a student following you on career day. This could open a lot of new ideas for you!

A side benefit of looking for this content is that these same testimonials, experiences, stories and perspectives can be shared in your BNI chapter meetings. That social post may be great source material for a weekly presentation, or part of your next featured presentation.

I hope these ideas inspire you to look around and find more things to share. As your life and business changes over time, you should be able to find plenty of material to post. I’m always happy to help if you need more ideas.  Share something today!

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