Nov 27, 2019

Dream Big – 2019 BNI Global Convention

By Executive Director Kris Vigneri

Vince and I had the opportunity to travel to Warsaw, Poland for this year’s Global Convention.  Besides catching up with our fellow Executive Directors from around the world, we had four full days of education and motivation.  The convention in Poland was the largest yet with over 1,000 members and 1,500 directors in attendance.  Dr. Ivan Misner, BNI’s Founder and Chief Visionary Officer, began the first day with the idea that big dreams can become a reality.  Begin by dreaming big, having a plan, and taking action, and from that presentation forward, the attendees were challenged to set a vision for big dreams.

A wonderful part of convention that we experienced were the member stories.  Over the years, members from around the world created video testimonials on how BNI has impacted their business and life.  This year, BNI members were also there in person, sharing their stories.  We heard members relate to their favorite BNI Core Value and how BNI has changed their lives.  Although technology has brought the world closer together in some ways, never underestimate the power of the in-person connection.  This is why I believe BNI will be around for a very long time.  In today’s world, we are losing the connection to people when texting and emailing have become the norm.  However, I believe we will continue to search out the personal connection, which BNI’s weekly meetings foster those relationships.

As with any job or business, we all need some reenergizing from time to time.  The most impactful part of the convention was the dinner Vince and I spent with Robert Skrob.  Robert is the author of Retention Point and presented on two different topics during convention.  Since part of my responsibilities within our region is working with new chapters, this dinner allowed me to put my passion into focus again.  Over the years, I have loved working with new chapters and seeing them grow from 1-2 members to 20-25 members.  And building the relationships from the very beginning has been amazing.  I asked Robert what are the two keys for BNI to retain members?  When he answered “Sponsoring a new member and giving a referral,” the light bulb went on for me.  Two of the primary pieces that I educate core group members on is how to invite and sponsor a new member AND how to give quality referrals.   Wow!!  When you receive affirmation on your work, this re-ignites the flame.

Now that we have returned, it is time to reflect on 2019 and set goals for 2020.  I’m going to dream big and put a plan into action.  Will you dream big for 2020?

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