Jul 29, 2020

Scales and the Power of One Report

by Nellie Nutting

I hate scales.  Sometime in my 40s I realized that they were not my friend.  It didn’t seem to matter if I waited until after exercise or before getting dressed, they didn’t read fairly.  It wasn’t until I started using them as a tool to measure the effectiveness of my activities that I viewed them in a more favorable light.  Now I know that if I will track my daily water intake, exercise activity, food (kind and amount), sleep, and body measurements I can predict whether that scale will go up or down on any given day. 

Our Power of One report is similar for many members.  You may LOVE it or HATE it depending on if you are tracking the activity that is requested as a member of BNI.  It is not an arbitrary score.  It tracks and totals activity from 5 areas: attendance, referrals, visitors, one-to-ones, and CEUs.  For a perfect score of 100 (20 in each area), you would need to average 1 meeting, 1 referral, 1 one-to-one, and 1 CEU per week and 1 visitor a month. Your score is based on your 6-month cumulative average. 

You may be doing these activities but not keeping track of them.  Entering the data into the BNI Connect site or the BNI Connect Mobile App is important.  It’s like when I don’t want to keep a food log or get on the scale.  As long as my clothes are fitting, I must be OK, right?  Until I am not! 😠  That is the problem in both of these examples.  I may not feel a need to lose weight, but at this time of my life, if I ignore it - it sure doesn’t improve.  My clothes just get tighter until I am not comfortable in them and am forced to make a change. 

Some people tell me “BNI is not working for me.”  I listen but then I must ask a few questions.  Are they doing the activities that have been proven over 35 years to create success in BNI?  What is their Power of One score?  If they are doing the actions are they correctly applied?  When doing one-to-ones are they focused on creating a referral partner or a friend?  When choosing CEU’s are they paying attention to training, or listening to podcasts as a student?  Or is it just white noise, fulfilling a “check off” for the week?  How many referrals are they GIVING?  These are questions for Mentor Coordinators and Membership Committees to ask as they look at struggling members. These also should be considered for those coming up for renewal - especially those in the grey in our Power of One report.  If a member is doing the activity to create a valuable BNI membership but not tracking, can we help them with tracking?  This report is available to all members globally in BNI University.  If I am looking to refer to a BNI member outside my region, I prefer someone that APPEARS to be a committed member of their chapter.  After all, my reputation is on the line each time I refer a friend or family member for services.  This report is important to me when I am researching who will get my referral. 

Just like weight loss, some numbers are more important than others.  I know what I consume makes the biggest difference in the scales - food and water intake.  Next is my activity level.  One thing to note about our Power of One report is you do NOT have to be perfect in all 5 areas to reach the highest level - GREEN.  In fact, you only need 70 points out of 100.  Basically, you can have a 0 in one area and only score half the possible points in another - a 10 - and still be a ROCK STAR in the Power of One.  Three of the scores you have control over - attendance, CEU’s, and one-to-ones.  The good news is, when you focus on what you can control and work to do each well, you will improve in the other two - visitors and referrals.  At your one-to-ones, ASK what your member needs and who they want to add to your chapter.  In your CEU’s, look for topics that will help you find people to invite and become a better referral partner.  As you attend each week, take note of what your members are asking for and listen for opportunities to assist them in meeting these needs. 

Getting your score to GREEN in the Power of One AND having the scales move in the direction of your choosing takes intentionality.  You have to decide what you want from both of these measurements.  Summer is here - time to move both in your favor!  Happy Connecting 😀

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