Nov 27, 2020

Marketing by the Numbers (12-4-2-2-2)

by Nellie Nutting

It’s 6 am and I am up early on my computer – ready for yet another Zoom Meeting. During this strange time of COVID 19, many of my friends are spending hours learning new technology skills and honing a few others. 

Attending virtual meetings, listening to podcasts, watching webinars, and ordering my groceries online are among the activities that have increased in my world. 

A few weeks ago, our County 4 Connector Education Coordinator introduced a marketing concept that she had heard on The Official BNI Podcast, number 621 – Doing an Annual Marketing Plan, with Jared Yellin. (Listen to the podcast by clicking here.) I found it very interesting and decided to explore it further to see if I could implement his plan. Here is the basic outline and my takeaways.

12 Monthly Webinars – 30+ minutes teaching a topic in your wheelhouse.  As I listened to Jared’s ideas with Dr. Misner, I thought, “Wouldn’t this be great to coordinate with my BNI chapter?!” I have ONE area of expertise, but my team has many others. 

I could invite members to be part of my 12 webinars throughout the year. I would give them a specific area to train and a platform to do it. 

I plan to utilize Zoom and Facebook to stream live training to my customer group and business page. In the first month, our realtor would give tips and tricks for making your home more valuable for resale. The next month, our life insurance expert teaches on how to calculate the amount of insurance you need to protect your family. For the third month, I would share the skincare products that will keep your skin looking young and the science behind them. My customers know me. They are connected to me and trust me. Wouldn’t this be a great way to introduce your BNI team to your customer base? Remember, trust takes time – but we can speed up this process with a warm introduction. 

Each month my customers would be introduced to someone in my BNI chapter!

4 Quarterly LIVE Educational Events – These could be hands-on activities, films, or workshops. 

For now, I will plan LIVE Facebook or Zoom events. Coordinating with a makeup artist, I could host a workshop for my customers to attend on one of these platforms. I could also stream a short video where I could share a technique, specific to my industry of image and fashion.  

2 Annual Appreciation Events to honor your customers.  Last year I had a “Thanks a Latte” event at a local coffee shop. Hopefully, we will be able to do this again soon. For now, I could send out a “Thank You” gift to my customers. They could join me for a virtual “Mugs and Kisses” where I send a hot chocolate or tea packet and a few Hershey kisses and schedule a Zoom get together to chat and find out what’s new in their lives!  

2 Annual Referral promotions to encourage current customers to share their circle of influence. 

I may coordinate these with one of the other promotions. The idea is to get in the habit of asking for referrals. Having a fun prize for anyone who gives you a certain number of referrals is one way to encourage them. Perhaps getting current customers to bring a friend to an event would be one way of doing this.

2 Annual Online Challenges (14 days are best)  What do you do in your business that would make sense to get your customers in the habit of including in their day? Asking my customers to wash their faces in the morning and at night for 14 days straight then giving them a special coupon to use when they successfully complete the activity might be one way to engage them productively. My thought is to schedule messages to go out daily to remind and encourage them and to have them post their ideas and successes or frustrations in a special Facebook group. How does washing twice a day change their skin, their sleep, their evening routine?

My specifics will be different from yours, but can you see a way to be purposeful in your marketing on an annual basis? Could this strategy not only add customers to your business but also retain and ignite your current customers? Could it energize your business? I think I will give it a try. 😊

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