PALMS Report

  • Enter Weekly and do not fall behind – your chapter members AND other chapter’s members rely on the Vice President to submit the PALMS weekly in order to update the member dashboard


  • Create a chapter culture of continuing education by sending out weekly networking education to members


  • Set the goal to add one new member each month, and list sponsors on application to qualify for Heartland Incentives

Keep Chapter Roster Up to Date – Drop Members as necessary

New Member Application Process – Regional Office processes Transfers - Membership or Chapter

  • APPLICATION RECEIVED: Prospective Member submits application to Chapter, application goes to Membership Committee and check to Secretary/Treasurer, with ST to verify online payment
  • APPLICATION REVIEWED:  Membership Committee reviews, interviews, checks references, and notifies Member of status, before next chapter meeting
  • APPLICATION APPROVED: Secretary/Treasurer enters (converts from visitor), and then sends/emails ([email protected]) application and mails checks to regional office, 20775 Rawhide Rd, Elkhorn, NE  68022

Order Chapter Supplies

  • Use Form, Chapter Supply Order Form, found in the Documents section of BNI Connect and email to [email protected]


  •  Engage new members by using the Passport as the mentor tool, and invite visitors to grow the contact spheres of the new members

Renewal Emails

  • Members receive an automated email from BNI notifying them of their upcoming renewal 60 days prior to their renewal date

Visitors – Track Visits with BNI Connect

  • REGISTER/PRE-REGISTER VISITORS: Prior to chapter meeting, all members register their visitors using the chapter website or BNI Connect and your visitor will receive reminder emails, which helps with follow-up ahead of meeting AND the Leadership Team and Visitor Hosts receive email notification
  • MARK ATTENDANCE: After the chapter meeting, the visitor host or Secretary/Treasurer marks attendance in BNI Connect, and enters all other visitors in BNI Connect
  • APPROVE PALMS: Once attendance is marked and visitors are entered, the Vice President will approve the entries to the weekly PALMS

Advanced Leadership Trainings - All Chapter Leadership is encouraged to attend

  • October, January, March and May                             

Follow the BNI Meeting Agenda and BNI Policies…it works!