Kris Vigneri

Kristina Vigneri, Executive Director of BNI Heartland, together with her husband, Vince, operate 3 franchises for BNI in Nebraska, Wyoming, South Dakota, and Western Iowa. The Heartland Region in 2015 passed over 47,000 referrals that generated more than $35 million in business to the members, that is an average value per seat of over $28,000.

The Vigneris have been members of BNI’s Founder’s Circle annually since 2009 as well as BNI’s Mastery Circle since 2013. 

Kristina, the youngest of five children, graduated from The University of Nebraska-Omaha, where her Human Resources background took shape. She writes monthly articles for BNI Heartland’s blog, Vince introduced Kristina to BNI early in their relationship, but it took many years for her to really get what BNI actually was.

Vince and Kristina, married in 2001, reside in Elkhorn, NE with their two children, Rocco and Addie, and two dogs, Oreo and Ivy. In her spare time she enjoys reading and being with her family. She and Vince attend many concerts and are avid sports fans, attending Nebraska Football games, Creighton Basketball and Baseball games, and the College World Series.

Something many do not know about Kris is that she let Vince go to his BNI chapter meeting while in labor with their first-born, Rocco. Later she called him home to go to the hospital! Then she allowed him to attend BNI's International Director's Conference in California 10 days before their daugher was born.